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Our Advice / Tips

Bridal by Tamem Michael
Saturday appointments are the most popular so you need to book these in advance. If you can do during the week you will always have more options. We ask that if you want to bring more than 2 people with you on a Saturday please let us know due to how busy Saturdays can be.
Please do not wear false tan as we try to keep our stock dresses in good condition and false tan can destroy a very expensive dress and most times can’t be removed.
Plan your route to the shop as it is important to keep to your time otherwise you are shortening your own visit as other appointments will be in after you and any shop you visit has to keep to times. google map directions are available on our contact page.
Dress decisions
We advise bringing one or two important people to your viewings, when you chose the dress or narrow it down to 2 dresses you can then bring a few more people to help you make the decision. Too many opinions on your first few viewings can confuse you and cloud your own opinion.
You don’t need to visit every shop in the country, we advise 4 shops that have been recommended to you otherwise you just get confused. There are only so many shapes and fabrics in Wedding dresses, most good bridal shops will have a good collection of all the shapes available.
Plan to do your viewings in a realistic time scale and then make a decision, don’t drag it on for months. Try and do it over the space of a month max and then make a decision and move on to the next important element of your wedding.
We believe that your wedding dress is very important and once picked everything else falls in to place much easier. Get your dress ticked off the list early. Ideal time to book is 10-12 months.
Wear clothes and underwear that you are comfortable in, most bridal shops will have shoes to slip on but we think it’s a good idea to bring your own heels. A strapless bra is a good idea.
Try on veils with dresses to get the overall feel and this also helps you decide if you would like a veil or not.
Please inform your consultant of your budget so they can help you. There is no point in trying on dresses that are not in your range as you are only wasting your viewing time. If a dress is over your budget (but only by a reasonable amount ) try and cut back on something else as the image of you in your wedding dress stays with you for life so don’t compromise but be realistic
On arriving at your appointment, take the time to have a chat with your consultant about the shapes and styles you like, bring pictures from magazines etc. Let them know what you like about your figure and what you are less fond off ! We all have our area’s.
Dress Styles
Finally, pick out a few styles yourself and then ask the consultant to pick some for you. You may be well surprised that a dress you passed on the rail could be the one. Above all enjoy the process as it is a very special time in your life.